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Department of Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science currently has 12 chairs with 25 professorships and several working groups.

Overview of the chairs

Theoretical Computer Science

Chair of Logic in Computer Science (Prof. Dr. Thomas Schwentick, Prof. Dr. Jean Christoph Jung)
Chair of Efficient Algorithms and Complexity Theory (Prof. Dr. Amin Coja-Oghlan, Prof. (apl.) Dr. Beate Bollig)

Practical Computer Science

Chair of Practical Computer Science (Prof. Dr. Peter Buchholz, Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus-Tycho Förster)
Chair of Programming Systems (Prof. Dr. Bernhard Steffen, Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ben Hermann)
Chair of Databases and Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Jens Teubner)
Chair of Computer Graphics (Prof. Dr. Mario Botsch, PD Dr. Frank Weichert)
Chair of Artificial Intelligence (Prof. Dr. Stefan Harmeling, Prof. Dr. Erich Schubert, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Liebig)
Chair of Data Science and Data Engineering (Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Müller, Prof. Dr. Daniel Neider)

Applied Computer Science

Chair of Algorithm Engineering (Prof. Dr. Kevin Buchin, Prof. Dr. Günter Rudolph, Prof. Dr. Johannes Fischer)
Chair of Computer Engineering and Embedded Systems (Prof. Dr. Jian-Jia Chen, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gernot A. Fink, Prof. Dr. Peter Ulbrich)
Chair of Enterprise Computing (Prof. Dr. Christian Janiesch)
Chair of Software Engineering (Prof. Dr. Jakob Rehof, Prof. Dr. Falk Howar, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Petra Wiederkehr)