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Lfd. No. Year Name Title Reviewer
432 2022 Pfahler, Lukas Some Representation Learning Tasks and the Inspection of Their Models Morik, Hotho (Uni Würzburg)
431 2022 Gaspar, Marcel Path Planning by Implicit Methods for Cutting and Coating Manufacturing Processes H. Müller, Turek (Dept. of Mathematics)
430 2022 Bunse, Mirko Machine Learning for Acquiring Knowledge in Astro-Particle Physics Morik, Sebastiani (Istituto Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informatione Italy)
429 2022 Scharwächter, Erik Event Impact Analysis for Time Series E. Müller, Jentsch (Dept. of Statistics)
428 2022 Apeldoorn, Daan Comprehensive Knowledge Base Extraction for Learning Agents - Practical Challenges and Applications in Games Kern-Isberner, Lucas (QM Uni London)
427 2022 Buschjäger, Sebastian Ensemble Learning with Discrete Classifiers on Small Devices Morik, Fürnkranz (Uni Linz)
426 2022 Komaritzan, Martin Layered Character Models for Fast Physics-Based Simulation Botsch, Hildebrandt (Uni Delft)
425 2022 Schäfer, Tristan Component-based Synthesis of Motion Planning Algorithms Rehof, Wiederkehr
424 2022 Bruckner, Fabian Programming Concepts for the Implementation of Usage Policies in Industrial Data Spaces Howar, Jürjens (University of Koblenz)
423 2022 Schumacher, Christin Adaptive machine occupancy planning of a practice-oriented hybrid flow store Buchholz, Rose (University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich)
422 2022 Fey, Matthias On the Power of Message Passing for Learning on Graph-Structured Data Weichert, Kriege (Uni Vienna)
421 2022 Timm, Henning Analysis and Application of Hash-based Similarity Estimation Techniques for Biological Sequence Analysis Rahmann (Uni Saarbrücken), Mosig (RUB)
420 2022 Funke, Henning QcLab: A Framework for Query Compilation on Modern Hardware Platforms Teubner, Neumann (TU Munich)
419 2022 Zweihoff, Philip Aligned and Collaborative Language-Driven Engineering Steffen, Jörges (FH dortmund)
418 2022 Lenssen, Jan Eric Differentiable Algorithms with Data-driven Parameterization in 3D Vision H. Müller, Kersting (TU Darmstadt)
417 2022 Bruemmer, Henning Timeliness and quality of service promotion of networked device-based systems Krumm, Ulbrich
416 2021 Lochmann, Alexander Record-based Analysis of Locks in Operating Systems Spinczyk (University of Osnabrück), Teubner
415 2021 Gossen, Frederik Aggressive Aggregation (Domain-Specific) Program Optimization with Algebraic Decision Diagrams Steffen, Hinchey (Uni Limerick)
414 2021 Droschinsky, Andre Tree Comparison - Enumeration and Application to Cheminformatics Mutzel (Uni Bonn), Fischer
413 2021 Kalkreuth, Roman Reconsideration and Extension of Cartesian Genetic Programming Rudolph, Kaufmann(Uni Mainz)
412 2021 Jasper, Marc Synthesizing Realistic Verification Tasks Steffen, Siegel (Uni Delaware,USA)
411 2021 Gabor, Ulrich Software Fault Injection and Localization in Embedded Systems Spinczyk (Uni Osnabrück), Howar
410 2021 Krivosija, Amer On clustering and related problems on curves under the Frechet distance Sohler (Uni Cologne), Driemel (Uni Bonn), Schubert
409 2020 Noll, Stefan Resource-Efficient Processing of Large Data Volumes Teubner, Giceva (TU Munich)
408 2020 Ludewig, Malte Advances in Session-Based and Session-Aware Recommendation Jannach (University of Klagenfurt), Steffen
407 2020 Kurpicz, Florian Parallel Text Index Construction Puglisi (Uni Helsinki), Rahmann
406 2020 Fichtenberger, Hendrik Property Testing of Graphs and the Role of Neighborhood Distributions Mutzel, Kerstin (TU Darmstadt)
405 2019 Morris, Christopher Learning with Graphs: Kernel and Neural Approaches Mutzel, Kersting (TU Darmstadt)
404 2019 Brinkjost, Tobias SECONDS FIRST! A Thesis Dedicated to Secondary Structure Elements Mutzel, Rauh (Fac. Chem. Biology)
403 2019 Young, Christian Data-Driven Optimization of Hot Rolling Process. Rudolph, Bartz-Beielstein (Uni Cologne)
402 2019 Geck, Gaetano Reasoning about Distributed Relational Data and Query Evaluation Schwentick, Segoufin (ENS, Paris)
401 2019 Vortmeier, Nils Dynamic Expressibility under Complex Changes Schwentick, Vianu (Uni San Diego, USA)
400 2019 von der Brüggen, Georg Realistic scheduling models and analyses for advanced real-time embedded systems Chen, Davis (Uni York, UK)
399 2019 Bessai, Jan A Type-Theoretic Framework for Software Component Synthesis Rehof, Heineman (Worcester Polytechnic Inst. MA,USA)
398 2019 Winkels, Jan Automated composition and configuration of workflows for scheduling using combinatorial logic Rehof, Steffen
397 2019 Litvina, Anna Policy-Based Management of Medical Devices and Applications Krumm, Hein(Uni Oldenburg)
396 2019 Buschhoff, Markus Energy-Aware Design of Hardware and Software for Ultra-Low-Power Systems Spinczyk(Uni Osnabrück), Marwedel
395 2019 Kopetzki, Dawid Generation of Domain-Specific Language-to-Language Transformation Languages. Steffen, Jörges (FH Dortmund)
394 2019 Fiehe, Christoph Unified management of service-oriented systems in a multi-provider environment Krumm, Geihs(Uni Kassel)
393 2019 Jugovac, Michael Designing and Evaluating Recommender Systems with the User in the Loop Jannach(Uni Klagenfurt), Teubner
392 2019 Jablkowski, Boguslaw Design of Fault-Tolerant Virtual Execution Environments for Cyber-Physical Systems. Spinczyk(Uni Osnabrück), Marwedel
391 2019 Heß, Sibylle A Mathematical Theory of Making Hard Decisions: Model Selection and Robustness of Matrix Factorization with Binary Constraints Morik, Siebes(Uni Utrecht)
390 2019 Dudenhefner, Andrej Algorithmic Aspects of Type-Based Program Synthesis Rehof, Urzyczyn(Uni Warsaw)
389 2019 Rothacker, Leonard Segmentation-free word spotting with bag-of-features hidden Markov models Fink, Llados(Uni Barcelona)
388 2019 Chen, Kuan-Hsun Optimization and Analysis for Dependable Application Software on Unreliable Hardware Platforms. Chen, Ernst(TU Braunschweig)
387 2019 Lybecait, Michael Meta-model based generation of domain-specific modeling tools. Steffen, Jörges (FH Dortmund)
386 2019 Skibinski, Sebastian Extraction, Localization, and Fusion of collective Vehicle Data H. Müller, Schwiegelshohn(Fak. ET/IT)
385 2019 Volz, Vanessa Uncertainty handling in surrogate assisted optimization of games Rudolph, Preuß(Uni Leiden)
384 2019 Fisseler, Denis Contributions to computer-aided analysis of cuneiform tablet fragments H. Müller, Botsch(Uni Bielefeld)
383 2018 Zaefferer, Martin Surrogate Models for Discrete Optimization Problems Rudolph, Bartz-Beielstein(TH Cologne)
382 2018 Sudholt, Sebastian Learning Attribute Representations with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Word Spotting Fink, Schomaker (Uni Groningen)
381 2018 Schröder, Christoph Bioinformatics from Genetic Variants to Methylation Rahmann(Uni Duisberg), Klau(Uni Düsseldorf)
380 2018 Munteanu, Alexandru-Eugen On algorithms for large-scale statistical and probabilistic data analysis Sohler, Ickstadt (Dept. of Statistics)
379 2018 Grzeszick, René Partially supervised Learning of Models for Visual Sense and Object Recognition Fink, Frintrop (Uni Hamburg)
378 2018 Köppl, Dominik Exploring Regular Structures in Strings Fischer, Inenaga (Uni Kyushu,Japan)
377 2018 Neugebauer, Olaf Efficient Implementation of Resource-Constrained Cyber-Physical Systems Using Multi-Core Parallelism Marwedel, Müller
376 2018 Kotthaus, Helena Methods for Efficient Resource Utilization in Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms Marwedel, Rahnenführer (Dept. of Statistics)
375 2018 Eichhorn, Christian Qualitative Rational Reasoning with Finite Conditional Knowledge Bases - Theoretical and Implementational Aspects Kern-Isberner, Ragni (Uni Freiburg)
374 2018 Scheftelovich, Dimitri Markov Decision Processes with Uncertain Parameters Buchholz, Hermanns (Uni Saarbrücken)
373 2018 Bökler, Friedrich Output-sensitive Complexity of Multiobjective Combinatorial Optimization with an Application to the Multiobjective Shortest Path Problem Mutzel, Ehrgott (Uni Lancaster)
372 2018 Piatkowski, Nico Exponential families on resource-constrained systems Morik, Ermon (Uni Stanford)
371 2018 Short, Denis K-Best Enumeration Theory and Application Mutzel, Chimani (Uni Osnabrück)
370 2018 Kamehkhosh, Iman Advances in Next-Track Music Recommendation Jannach (Uni Klagenfurt), Rudolph
369 2017 Zey, Bernd Solving Two_stage Stochastic Network Design Problems to Optimality Mutzel, Buchheim (Dept. of Mathematics)
368 2017 Kohne, Andreas SLA-based VM scheduling methods for cloud federations Spinczyk, Brinkmann (Uni Mainz).
367 2017 Schuster, Martin Context-free games on strings and nested words Schwentick, Lötding (RWTH Aachen)
366 2017 Schwiegelshohn, Chris On Algorithms for Large-Scale Graph and Clustering Problems Sohler, Leonardi (Uni Rome)
365 2017 Schmitz, Thomas Automated Model-Based Spreadsheet Debugging Jannach, Wotawa (Uni Graz)
364 2017 Schlagkamp, Stephan User-Aware Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Parallel Job Schedulers Schwiegelshohn, Tchernykh (Cicese, Mexico)
363 2017 Hegels, Daniel Optimization of thermal conditions in path planning for thermal spraying with industrial robots Müller, Henrich (Uni Bayreuth)
362 2017 Plinge, Axel Acoustic sensor network geometry calibration and applications Fink, Martin (Ruhr-Uni Bochum)
361 2017 Borchert, Christoph Aspect-Oriented Technology for Dependable Operating Systems Spinczyk, Schröder-Preikschat (Uni Erlangen)
360 2017 Moradpour, Alireza A scalable agglomerates clustering method based on first neighbor relations Rudolph, Kersting
359 2017 Huang, Wen-Hung Kevin Scheduling Algorithms and Timing Analysis for Hard Real-Time Systems. Chen, Reineke (Saarland University)
358 2017 Libuschewski, Pascal Exploration of Cyber-Physical Systems for GPGPU Computer Vision-Based Detection of Biological Viruses Marwedel, Müller
357 2017 Naujokat, Stefan Heavy Meta. Model-Driven Domain-Specific Generation of Generative Domain-Specific Modeling Tools. Steffen, Legay (Uni Rennes).
356 2017 Ahmad, Irfan Modeling and training options for handwritten Arabic text recognition. Fink, Likforman (Telecom Paris).
355 2017 Holzkamp, Olivera MemoryAware Mapping Strategies for heterogeneous MPSoC systems. Marwedel, Teubner
354 2017 Pyka, Robert Memory-aware platform description and framework for source-level embedded MPSoC software optimization Marwedel, Teubner
353 2017 Meier, Matthias Co-configuration of hardware and system software product lines Spinczyk, Nolte (TU Cottbus)
352 2017 Dohndorf, Iryna Stochastic Graph Models with Physe Type Distributed Edge Weights. Buchholz, Haverkort (Uni Twente)
351 2017 Kopczynski, Dominik Resource-Constrained Analysis of Ion Mobility Spectrometry Data Rahmann, Rahnenführer (Dept. of Statistics)
350 2017 Stolpe, Marco Distributed Analysis of Vertically Partitioned Sensor Measurements under Communication Constraints. Morik, Rehof, Brefeld (Uni Lüneburg)
349 2017 Urbann, Oliver Walking humanoid robots on a control basis with real-time modification of foot position Schwiegelshohn (Fac. ET/IT), Visser (Uni Miami).
348 2016 Lark, Lukas. Using implicit feedback for recommender systems: characteristics, applications, and challenges. Jannach, Zanker (Uni Bolzano).
347 2016 Naße, Fabian The detection of interesting objects using an object-based attention model Fink, Wöhler (Fac. ET/I)T)
346 2016 Walczak, Lars Approximation of anatomical structures and biomedical processes for computational study of hemodynamics in aneurysms Müller, Turek (Fak. Math.)
345 2016 Pölitz, Christian Automatic Methods to Extract Latent Meanings in Large Text Corpora Morik, Müller
344 2016 Junaidi, Akmal Lampung Handwritten Character Recognition Fink, Müller
343 2016 Siedhoff, Dominic A Parameter-Optimizing Model-Based Approach to the Analysis of Low-SNR Image Sequences for Biological Virus Detection Müller, Merhof (RWTH Aachen)
342 2016 Kara, Ahmet Logics on Data Words Expressivity, Satisfiability, Model Checking. Schwentick, Bollig (CNRS&ENS de Cachan)
341 2016 Preuß, Marcel Inference-Proof Materialized Views Biskup, Kern-Isberner
340 2016 Schirmeier, Horst Efficient Fault-Injection-based Assessment of Software-Implemented Hardware Fault Tolerance. Spinczyk, Polze (Uni Potsdam)
339 2016 Dohndorf, Oliver Flexible communication in efficiently developed adaptive networked service and device systems Krumm, Timmermann (Uni Rostock)
338 2016 Bury, Marc On Graph Algorithms for Large-Scale Graphs. Bollig, Sauerhoff
337 2015 Bockermann, Christian Mining Big Data Streams for Multiple Concepts Morik, Bifet (Huawei HongKong)
336 2015 Kleinsorge, Jan Tight Integration of Cache, Path and Task-interference Modeling for the Analysis of Hard Real-time Systems. Marwedel, Lisper (Mälardalen University)
335 2015 Hadiji, Fabian Graphical Models Beyond Standard Settings: Lifted Decimation, Labeling, and Counting Kersting, Natarajan (Indiana University).
334 2015 Krümpelmann,Patrick Belief Revision, Non-Monotonic Reasoning and Secrecy for Epistemic Agents. Kern-Isberner, Beierle (FU Hagen).
333 2015 Wiederkehr, Thomas Efficient GPU-based simulation of thermal spray processes. Müller, Turek (Dept. of Mathematics)
332 2015 Isberner, Malte Foundations of Active Automata Learning: An Algorithmic Perspective Steffen, Vaandrager (Uni Nijmegen)
331 2015 Kriege, Nils Comparing Graphs-Algorithms & Applications Mutzel, Kersting
330 2015 Kout, Alexander Geometric and Algorithmic Aspects of Automatic Path Planning with Relation to Spray Deposition Processes Müller, Buchheim (Dept. of Mathematics)
329 2015 Wessing, Simon Two-stage Methods for Multimodal Optimization Rudolph, Glasmachers (RUB)
328 2015 Zeume, Thomas Small Dynamic Complexity Classes Grädel (RWTH Aachen), Schwentick
327 2015 Flasch, Oliver A Modular Genetic Programming System Rudolph, Bartz-Beielstein (FH Cologne)
326 2015 Heinig, Andreas Flexible Error Handling for Embedded Real-Time Systems - Operating System and Run-Time Aspects. Härtig (TU Dresden), Marwedel
325 2015 Niewerth, Matthias Data Definition Languages for XML Repository Management Systems Schwentick, Bonifati (Uni Lille, F)
324 2015 Heiden, Katja Digital cross-sector process management in the healthcare sector Rehof, Böckmann (FH Dortmund University of Applied Sciences)
323 2015 Pyka, Arthur Cache coherence in hard real-time multicore processors Marwedel, Uhrig (MB)
322 2015 Kelter, Johannes WCET Analysis and Optimization for Multi-Core Real-Time Systems. Marwedel, Puaut (Uni Rennes, F)
321 2015 Köster, Johannes Parallelization, Scalability and Reproducibility in Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis. Rahmann, Mosik (RUB)
320 2015 Engel, Kai Evolutionary segmentation of three-dimensional shapes using satellite seeds Müller, Rudolph
319 2014 Schmidt, Melanie Coresets and Streaming Algorithms for the k-means Problem and Related Clustering Objectives. Sohler, Blömer (Uni Paderborn)
318 2014 Vastag, Sebastian SLA Calculus Buchholz, German (Uni Erlangen)
317 2014 Schlenke, Jan Automatic signal enhancements for spectroscopic measurements Müller, Rudolph
316 2014 Schultze, Jan Practical problems in the design of software for automated termination analysis Doberkat, Padawitz
315 2014 Printz, Stefan A contribution to norms and standards of geoinformatics in archaeological field research Doberkat, Müller
314 2014 Düdder, Boris Automatic Synthesis of Component & Connector Software Architectures with Bounded Combinatory Logic. Rehof, Henglein (Uni Copenhagen)
313 2014 Windmüller, Stephan Continuous quality control of web applications based on machine-learned models Steffen, Rehof
312 2014 Neubauer, Johannes High-Order Process Engineering Steffen, Hinchey (Uni Limerick, IR)
311 2014 Fölling, Alexander Efficient capacity scheduling by dynamically augmenting a local resource environment with grid and cloud resources: algorithmic and technical considerations Schwiegelshohn, Kranzlmüller (LMU Munich), Buchholz
310 2014 Tadros, Cornelia Belief change operations under confidentiality requirements in multiagent systems. Kern-Isberner, Biskup
309 2014 Meister, Sven Extending concepts of complex event processing for information logistic processing of telemedical events. Rehof, Margaria-Steffen(Uni Potsdam)
308 2014 Cup, Stefan Stochastic Filtering on Mobile Devices in Complex Dynamic Environments Schwiegelshohn, Burkhard (Uni Berlin), Müller
307 2014 Fiedler, David Contributions to the analysis, modeling and calibration of cameras and 3D depth sensors Müller, Kolb (Uni Siegen)
306 2013 Preuss, Mike Multimodal Optimization by Means of Evolutionary Schwefel, Stützle (Uni Brussels)
305 2013 Martin, Marcel Algorithms and Tools for the Analysis of High-Throughput DANN Sequencing Data Rahmann, Stoye (Uni Bielefeld)
304 2013 Hellweg, Frank Property testing in degree-constrained directed graphs under non-visibility of incoming edges Sohler, Westermann
303 2013 Doedt, Markus Service integration in business process management systems with a special focus on the integration of ERP systems considering the current trend towards cloud computing Rehof, Steffen
302 2013 Cordes, Daniel Automatic parallelization for embedded multi-core systems using high-level cost models. Marwedel, Cohen (Paris), Teubner
301 2013 Merten, Maik Active automata learning for real-life applications Steffen, Hähnle (TU Darmstadt)
300 2013 Vatolkin, Igor Improving Supervised Music Classification by Means of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Feature Selection Rudolph, Weihs (Dept. of Statistics)
299 2013 Sugioarto, Martin Distributed process control in resource-based architectures Rehof, Steffen
298 2013 Papaspyrou, Alexander Federated Capacity Planning for Distributed Computing Infrastructures. Schwiegelshohn (ET/IT), Yahyapour (GWDG Göttingen)
297 2013 Kubczak, Christian jETI: a service-oriented framework for high-level execution of remote components Steffen, Yahyapour (GWDG Göttingen).
296 2013 Wieder, Philipp A Generic Scheduling Architecture for Service-Oriented Distributed Computing Infrastructures - Introducing New Concepts based on Automated Negotiation of Electronic Contracts. Yahyapour (GWDG Göttingen), Kranzlmüller (LMU Munich)
295 2012 Timm, Constantin Resource efficient processing and communication in sensor/actuator environments Marwedel, Müller
294 2012 Plazar, Sascha Memory-based Optimization Techniques for Real-Time Systems Marwedel, Glesner (TU Berlin)
293 2012 Ochoa Ronderos, Martin Model-based Security Guarantees and Change Jürjens, Viganó (Uni Verona)
292 2012 Lamprecht, Anna-Lena User-level workflow design. A bioinformatics perspective Steffen, Schreiber (IPK Gatersleben)
291 2012 Jungermann, Felix About Exploration of Data Mining Techniques using Structured Features for Information Extraction Morik, Jannach
290 2012 Grimme, Christian The predator-prey model for multi-objective optimization: analysis and application. Sulphur, Schwiegelshohn (Dept. ET/IT).
289 2012 Gedikli, Fatih Leveraging tagging data for recommender systems. Jannach, Zander (Uni Klagenfurt)
288 2012 Keller, Robert Toward Autopoietic Programming Banzhaf (Univ. Newfoundland), Müller, H.
287 2012 Howar, Falk Active Learning of interface Programs Steffen, Meinke
286 2012 Kriege, Jan Fitting Simulation Input Models for Correlated Traffic Data Buchholz, Weihs (Dept. of Statistics)
285 2011 Sulewski, Damian Large-Scale Parallel State Space Search Utilizing Graphics Processing Units and Solid State Disks Edelkamp (Uni Bremen), Steffen
284 2011 Jörges, Sven Genesys: A Model-Driven and Service-Oriented Approach to the Construction and Evolution of Code Generators Steffen, Knoop (TU Vienna)
283 2011 Beume, Nicola Hypervolume-based Metaheuristics for Multiobjective Optimization Rudolph, Igel (Uni Copenhagen)
282 2011 Richarz, Jan Video-based gesture recognition in an intelligent environment Fink, Müller, H.
281 2011 Wong, Hoi-Ming Upward planarization and layout Mutzel, Buchheim (Faculty of Mathematics)
280 2011 Menge, Sebastian Managing Interlingual References - a type-generic approach Doberkat, Jürjens
279 2011 Zarges, Christine Theoretical Foundations of Artificial Immune Systems Jansen, Th. (University College Cork), Rudolph
278 2011 Wortmann, Sandra Approaches of compositional and state-based access control for web-based environments Biskup, Krumm
277 2011 Thimm, Matthias Probabilistic Reasoning with Incomplete and Inconsistent Beliefs Kern-Isberner, Beierle (FU Hagen)
276 2011 Reuter, Claudia Modeling and dynamic adaptation of clinical pathways based on semantic process fragments Rehof, Dadam (University of Ulm)
275 2011 Klinger, Roman Conditional Random Fields for Named Entity Recognition Rudolph, Hofmann-Apitius (Uni Bonn)
274 2011 Königsmann, Thomas "Compositional Modeling" approach for user interface generation using the example of telemedical application Rehof, Müller
273 2011 Wojciechowski, Manfred Context Modeling for Ambient Assisted Living Rehof, Jannach
272 2011 Kandyba-Chimani, Maria Exact Algorithms for Network Design Problems using Graph Orientations Mutzel, Buchheim (Faculty of Mathematics)
271 2011 Naujoks, Boris Design and Tuning of an Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Algorithm Rudolph, Jin (University of Surrey)
270 2011 Marschall, Tobias Algorithms and Statistical Methods for Exact Motif Discovery Rahmann, Stoye (University of Bielefeld)
269 2011 Kotsokalis, Konstantinos Automated Hierarchical Service Level Agreements Yahyapour, Tsanakas (University of Athens)
268 2011 Klein, Karsten Interactive Graph Drawing with Constraints Mutzel, Kobourov (University of Arizona)
267 2011 Lochner, Jan-Hendrik An Effective and Efficient Inference Control System for Relational Database Queries Biskup, Kern-Isberner
266 2010 Lammersen, Christiane Approximation Techniques for Facility Location and Their Applications in Metric Embeddings Sohler, Meyer a. d. Heide (Uni Paderborn)
265 2010 Gronemeier, André Information Complexity and Data Stream Algorithms for Basic Problems Sauerhoff (external), Sohler
264 2010 Monemizadeh, Morteza Non-uniform Sampling in Clustering and Streaming Sohler, Schweikardt (Uni Frankfurt)
263 2010 Gutwenger, Carsten Applications of APQR-Trees in the Planarization Approach for Drawing Graphs Mutzel, Eades (University of Sydney)
262 2010 Thyssen, Christian On the analysis of the optimization time of randomized search heuristics for combinatorial problems Jansen, Th. (University College Cork), Rudolph
261 2010 Müller, Dennis Adaptations of search heuristics for discrete-event models Buchholz, Rudolph
260 2010 Lienemann, Kai Advanced Ensemble Methods for Automatic Classification of 1H-NMR Spectra Fink, Weihs (Faculty of Statistics)
259 2010 Lokuciejewski, Paul WCET-aware Source Code and Assembly Level Optimization Techniques for Real-Time Systems Marwedel, Spinczyk
258 2010 Graw, Günter Correct control software Krumm, Herrmann, P. (University of Trondheim)
257 2010 Tomanek, Katrin Resource-Aware Annotation through Active Learning Morik, Hahn (Uni Jena)
256 2010 Weichert, Frank Classification of morphological and pathological structures in coronary vessels based on intravascular ultrasound images for clinical application in an IVB system Müller, H., Weihs (Dept. of Statistics)
255 2010 Koh, Hyung-Won. Feature Extraction in NMR Data Analysis Rahmann, Hüllermeier (Uni Marburg)
254 2010 Ejaz, Tahir Abelian Pattern Matching in Strings Rahmann, Böcker (Uni Jena)
253 2009 Karusseit, Martin Feature-oriented development of role-based systems for cooperative decision making Steffen, Jannach
252 2009 Lehnhoff, Sebastian Decentralized networked energy management based on a distributed adaptive real-time multi-agent system DEZENT Wedde, Rehtanz (Fak. ET)
251 2009 Wiese, Lena Preprocessing for Controlled Query Evaluation in Complete First-Order Databases Biskup, Kern-Isberner
250 2009 Nagel, Ralf Technical Challenges of Model-Driven Control of Process Life Cycles from the Business Perspective: From Requirements Analysis to Realization Steffen, Rehof
249 2009 Raffelt, Harald Extrapolation of process models from black box systems using automaton learning methods Steffen, Rehof
248 2009 Mierswa, Ingo Non-Convex and Multi-Objective Optimization in Data Mining Morik, Weihs (Dept. of Statistics)
247 2009 Nunkesser, Robin Algorithms for Regression and Classification Robust Regression and Genetic Association Studies Jansen, Th., Fried (Dept. of Statistics)
246 2009 Koll, Konstantin Integration, indexing and interaction of high-dimensional data objects Dittrich, Müller, H.
245 2008 Sudholt, Dirk Computational Complexity of Evolutionary Algorithms, Hybridizations, and Swarm Intelligence Jansen, Th., Rudolph
244 2008 Chimani, Markus Computing Crossing Numbers Mutzel, Skutella (TU Berlin)
243 2008 Wortmann, Christian Algorithmic Analysis of Tubular Surfaces for Reverse Engineering Müller, H., Vahrenhold
242 2008 Wurst, Michael Distributed Collaborative Structuring - A Data Mining Approach to Information Management in Loosely Coupled Domains Morik, Müller
241 2008 Jabbar, Shahid External Memory Algorithms for State Space Exploration in Model Checking and Action Planning Edelkamp, Steffen
240 2008 Weibert, Torben A Framework for Inference Control in Incomplete Logic Databases Biskup, Kern-Isberner
239 2007 Euler, Timm Knowledge Discovery in Databases at a Conceptual Level Morik, Biskup
238 2007 Lasarczyk, Christian Genetic Programming of Algorithmic Chemistry Banzhaf, Rudolph
237 2007 Meyer-Nieberg, Silja Self-Adaptation in Evolution Strategies Beyer, H.-G., Rudolph
236 2007 Briest, Patrick Computational Aspects of Combinatorial Pricing Problems Krysta, Wegener
235 2007 Chernuchin, Daniel Equality dependencies between objects by parameterized assignments Dittrich, Padawitz
234 2007 Yoo, Haiseung Fault diagnosis in model checking by animated strategy synthesis Steffen, Rehof
233 2007 Lück, Ingo Model-based configuration of security services Krumm, Biskup
232 2007 Scholz, Martin Scalable and Accurate Knowledge Discovery in Real-World Databases Morik, Kern-Isberner, Wrobel
231 2007 Pleumann, Jörg An Approach to the Development of Modeling Tools for Software Engineering Education Doberkat, Fink
230 2007 Kantschik, Wolfgang Genetic programming and chess Banzhaf, Müller, H.
229 2007 Rothmaier, Gerrit Integrated Formal Modeling and Automated Analysis of Computer Network Attacks Krumm, Biskup
228 2007 Stork, Tobias Design and analysis of randomized search heuristics Wegner, Jansen, Th.
227 2006 Berlik, Stefan Directed Evolutionary Algorithms Reusch, Rudolph
226 2006 Jägersküpper, Jens Probablistic Analysis of Evolution Strategies Using Isotropic Mutations Wegener, Jansen, Th.
225 2006 Sawitzki, Daniel Algorithmics and complexity of OBDD-represented graphs Wegener, Sauerhoff
224 2006 Brockmann, Christian Remore Vision-based Multi-Gesture Interaction in Natural Indoor Environments Müller, H., Fink
223 2006 Verma, Manish Advanced Memory Optimization Techniques for Low-Power Embedded Processors Marwedel, Eisenbrand, Dutt
222 2006 Bernholt, Thorsten Efficient Algorithms and Complexity in Robust Statistics Wegener, Hofmeister
221 2006 Wagner, Jens Retargable Exploitation of Special Operations for Embedded Systems Using Bit-Aware Value Flow Analysis Marwedel, Rudolph
220 2006 Roping, Stefan Learning Interpretable Models Morik, Müller, H.
219 2006 Klemm, Alexander Measurement Techniques and Case Studies for the Characterization of Internet Applications Lindemann, Krumm
218 2006 Lischka, Mario Decentralized Role-based Authorization and Administration Wedde, Biskup
217 2006 Mehler, Tilman Challenges and Applications of Assembly-Level Software Model Checking Edelkamp, Morik
216 2006 Arns, Markus Approximate methods on extended fork/join queueing networks for the analysis of logistics networks Beilner, Buchholz
215 2006 Fischer, Markus Parallel numerical methods for quantitative analysis of logistic systems Beilner, Buchholz
214 2006 Haustein, Stefan An Interpretative Approach to the Model-Driven Development of Web Applications Morik, Doberkat
213 2006 Kunau, Gabriele Facilitating Computer Supported Cooperative Work with Socio-Technical Self-Description Herrmann, Th. (Uni Bochum), Kern-Isberner, Dourish (Uni California)
212 2006 Farooq, Mudassar From the Wisdom of the Hive to Intelligent Routing in Telecommunication Networks: A Step towards Intelligent Network Management through Naturla Engineering Wedde, Krumm
211 2006 Flegel, Ulrich Pseudozymizing Audit Data for Privacy Respecting Misuse Detectioon Biskup, Krumm
210 2005 Lajios, Georgios On the catergorical description of layered architectures Doberkat, Padawitz
209 2005 Schönemann, Lutz Studies on the adaptive behavior of evolutionary algorithms in dynamic environments Rudolph, Wegener
208 2005 Waldhorst, Oliver Design and Quantitative Analysis of Protocols for Epidemic Information Dissemination in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Lindemann, Buchholz
207 2005 Wehmeyer, Lars Fast Efficient and Predictable Memory Accesses: Optimization algorithms for memory architecture aware compilation Marwedel, Padawitz
206 2005 Emmerich, Michael Single- and Multi-objective Evolutionary Design Optimization assisted by Gaussian Random Field Metamodels Sulphur, Buchholz
205 2005 Feldkamp, Udo Computer Aided Then Sequence Design Banzhaf, Mutzel, Niemeyer
204 2005 Giel, Oliver On the analysis of randomized search heuristics and online heuristics Wegener, Rudolph
203 2005 Hussein, Mohamed New Utilization Criteria for Online Scheduling Schwiegelshohn, Wegener
202 2005 Loser, Kai-Uwe Supporting the Adoption of Commercial Standard Software by Diagrams Herrmann, Th., Doberkat, Fischer (Uni Colorado), Gruhn
201 2005 Bartz-Beielstein, Thomas New Experimentalism Applied to Evolutionary Computation Sulphur, Buchholz
200 2005 Gsottberger, Claudia A Framework for Modularized and Pattern-based Development of Reliable, Personalized, Web-based Applications Steffen, Doberkat
199 2005 Richter, Christoph On avoiding redundant considerations in approximate string matching Banzhaf, Padawitz
198 2004 Witt, Carsten On the analysis of randomized search heuristics and the design of specialized algorithms in combinatorial optimization Wegener, Vöcking
197 2004 Lyre, André Evolution of Qantum Algorithms using Genetic Program Banzhaf, Sieling
196 2004 Hoffmann, Marcel Awareness and Adoption of Cooperative Knowledge Media in the Context of Informal Collaboration Herrmann, Th., Morik, Prinz (RWTH Aachen)
195 2004 Busch, Jens RESAC: A resolution-based artificial chemistry and its applications Banzhaf, Müller, H.
194 2004 Lohmann, Marco Online QoS/Revenue Management for Third Generation Mobile Communication Networks Lindemann, Krumm
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