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Representative of the Department

Department Representative for Elections

The Department Representative for Elections appointed by the Election Board of TU Dortmund Dortmund for each department according to §9 Election Regulations of TU Dortmund University is responsible for organizing and conducting the elections of the respective Department Council under the responsibility of the Election Board and is also an election officer. The election officer may authorize the department officers to receive election proposals for the elections to the faculty councils from members of the faculty and to examine them in accordance with the decisions of the election committee and to forward them to the election officer.

According to §20 Election Regulations of the TU Dortmund University, the Department Representatives are also entrusted with monitoring or evaluating the votes counted.

The term of office of the faculty representatives, like that of the election committee, is two years; it ends with the election of a new election committee in accordance with Paragraph 2, Sentence 1 of the Election Regulations of the TU Dortmund University.