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Committees and contact persons

Department Council (FR)

The Department Council is responsible for passing resolutions on matters of the department for which the Dean or another authority is not designated. In particular, it is responsible for all matters of research and teaching. Its responsibility is regulated in § 28 of the Higher Education Act (HG NRW).

Meeting dates 2024

Guests please register with Mrs. Koßmann at the Dean's Office of the Department of Computer Science until the day before.

24.01.2024 21.02.2024 20.03.2024 17.04.2024 22.05.2024 19.06.2024
10.07.2024 28.08.2024 25.09.2024 30.10.2024 20.11.2024 11.12.2024

Members of the Department Council


Associate Dean

Dean of Students

Group of professors

Group of professors (representatives)

Group of scientific employees

Group of scientific employees (representatives)

Students group

Student group (representatives)

Group of non-scientific employees

Group of non-scientific employees (representatives)