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The DLR School Lab at the TU Dortmund

Research Experiments of the Department of Computer Science

Since November 2008, the motto at the TU Dortmund University is: "Out of school - into the lab!"

Concept of the DLR_School_Lab

Germany lacks qualified young people in the natural sciences and engineering. DLR_School_Lab is designed not only to give schoolchildren the opportunity to become enthusiastic about a subject area at an early age, but also to offer a challenging and practical supplement to science lessons. This added value compared to traditional school lessons is intended to arouse curiosity about mathematical and scientific issues and thus help students to identify their interests and orientations in various subject areas. In this way, not only can an incentive be created to study engineering and natural sciences (computer science), but practical experience with current research topics can primarily have a supportive effect on study guidance.

One advantage of DLR_School_Labs is that the experiments are divided into thematic worlds to appeal to students with different areas of interest. Experiencing research-related experiments in an authentic environment: A new and exciting experience in everyday school life. DLR_School_Lab also conveys the importance of science for solving everyday problems and at the same time provides an insight into the everyday work of a research institution.

So far, DLR_School_Lab at TU Dortmund University has established four subject areas:

  • Robotics and Virtual Worlds
  • Energy
  • Space
  • Structure of Matter.

A total of various experiments are available from these subject areas, the implementation of which is supported by the staff of the various departments.

Computer science at DLR_School_Lab

The Department of Computer Science is currently conducting the following experiments in the field of robotics and virtual worlds

  • Haptic interaction with the question: "Is it possible to feel something that does not exist? (Dr. Frank Weichert) and
  • Stereoscopic 3D representation with the question: "Where is the future going in 3D representation? (Dr. Frank Weichert)


These and other experiments as well as everything about registration can be found here:

DLR School Lab