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Committees and contact persons

Sustainability Commission

All status groups of the Department of Computer Science are represented in the Sustainability Commission. It coordinates faculty-wide measures and projects that promote socially, ecologically and economically sustainable actions in research and teaching. It is the contact point for all members of the faculty in questions of sustainability, such as environmental protection, energy saving or responsible use of resources. In addition, it forms the interface to the sustainability office of TU Dortmund University as well as to the sustainability officers of the other faculties.


Group of professors

Group of professors (representatives)

Group of scientific employees

Group of scientific employees (representatives)

Students group

Antonia van Ophysen antonia.vanophuysentu-dortmundde

Student group (representatives)

Alexandra Cloodt   alexandra.cloodttu-dortmundde

Calvin Danne calvin.dannetu-dortmundde

Group of non-scientific employees

Group of non-scientific employees (representatives)