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Examinations / Examination dates

On these pages you will find information about exams and exam dates. Please note that different regulations apply to term papers such as final theses.

Examinations - details, registration and participation requirements

Detailed and up-to-date information on examinations can be obtained from the respective course or from the lecturers of a course, i.e. the examiners. Many modules require a course achievement as a prerequisite for participation in the module examination. Some module descriptions leave the examiners some leeway, e.g. how the course work is to be performed, or whether an oral or written examination is offered; as a rule, corresponding details are announced in the first two weeks of the lecture period. Please note the information on special course forms.

In principle, it is necessary to register for examinations. For exams, this is usually done online via BOSS. For oral examinations, you and the examiner make an appointment and sign a form.

If you are unable to register for an exam, please contact the exam administration first. The staff can identify the cause (e.g. participation requirement actually not met or incorrectly not entered, exam date missing in BOSS, etc.) and either help you unbureaucratically or refer you to someone who can help you.


The deregistration deadlines are determined by your examination regulations. As a rule, you can deregister for exams up to one day before the exam starts online via BOSS and for oral exams up to one week before the exam date in writing with the examiner's signature.

Examination incapacity

If you become ill on the day of the examination, you must immediately inform the Central Examination Administration (Dez.4.3) in writing and provide a doctor's certificate to prove your illness. In the case of an oral examination, you must inform the examiner. The examination administration will allow a generous period of seven days after the examination date for the written information; if this is not possible due to the seriousness of your illness, please inform the examination administration first by other means such as e-mail, telephone or fax.


If you have completed all exams, you can check whether your certificate is ready for collection.

Certificates are issued automatically after the last examination has been completed in the examination administration. Depending on the receipt of certificates, the issue may be delayed by a few weeks.

You can only find out the processing status in the examination administration, the Dean's Office does NOT have access to student data.

The signature of the examination board/dean takes place in the dean's office, as soon as this is done, your certificate is registered as ready for collection.

It is possible to pick up your transcript in person during service hours.

Service hours: Tues., Wed., Fri. 09:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

However, mailing is still possible as well.

Contact: Martina Gentzer 0231 755-2009