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Academic advising

Representative for International Students of the Department of Computer Science

Tasks of the Representative for International Students at the Department of Computer Science

The Representative for International Students is a contact person for international students at the Department of Computer Science.

The tasks include:

  • regular consultation
  • initial contact with international students
  • Answering questions about studying
  • Answering written inquiries from the Foreigners' Registration Office

Starter package for international students

Since the 2006 winter semester, the International Office has been offering a starter package to international first-year students. In exchange for a lump sum, students are picked up at Dortmund's main train station or airport on their arrival from abroad and individually assisted with their first steps in their new surroundings. The core of the package is - depending on needs and availability - the arrangement of privately rented accommodation.

Current information on the Starter Package can be found on the pages of the International Office (International Office)