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Feedback and complaints

If you would like to send feedback or complaints to the department, please contact the

Complaints Manager: Dipl.-Inform. Frank Thorsten Breuer

Phone: 0231 755-6494


deputy: Kerstin Lenschen

Phone: 0231 755 6221


Your name and email address will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on, but will enable you to ask questions and provide feedback. If you do not wish to contact the faculty complaints manager yourself, you can ask someone you trust, for example a member of the student council, to do this for you.

If you contact the complaints managers with feedback and complaints, you are not starting an official procedure. You are helping the faculty to improve and identify problems at an early stage. The complaints managers will pass on your information (anonymously) to people or committees who can implement your suggestions or help with your problems.

Hazardous areas

TU Dortmund University asks you to report inadequately lit, poorly visible and dangerous places on campus by e-mail.

If the reason for inadequate lighting is simply a defective lamp, please report this defective lamp to the TU Dortmund University control room (Tel.: 0231 755-3333), stating the number on the lamp post if possible.

Discrimination and sexualized violence

TU Dortmund University aims to prevent discrimination, disadvantage, abuse of power, harassment and sexualized violence and strives to create a fair, supportive and motivating working environment for all members of TU Dortmund University. The complaints management of the TU and the Faculty, the Equal Opportunities Officers of the TU and the Faculty, the Student Advisory Service, the Dean's Office and the Student Council in particular have an open ear. Please do not hesitate to contact other people you trust. Another central counseling center was founded with SchuDS .

Information from the Equal Opportunities Office

The Equal Opportunities Office has compiled important information:

Counseling centers outside the TU Dortmund University

Counseling and intervention centers in the area can be found on the website of the Equal Opportunities Office.


You can find the guidelines for complaints management at TU Dortmund University on the University Administration website.

Why has the university set up a complaints management system?

With the introduction of tuition fees, TU Dortmund University has adopted principles for their use. These provide for complaints management at university (centralized) and faculty (decentralized) level. All students can contact the Complaints Management Office with any problems relating to university procedures. [...]

Will my complaint be treated confidentially?

All parties involved in a complaint enjoy confidentiality. [...]

What do I do if my complaint has not been dealt with to my satisfaction?

If a complaint cannot be handled satisfactorily for the student by the faculty or the university, the student can turn to the examination board of the Technical University of Dortmund with his or her complaint. [...]

Complaints management of the Faculty of Computer Science

The Technical University of Dortmund supports its students with problems concerning their studies. We help you with difficulties in administrative, teaching and study operations. You should first contact the complaints management of your faculty. If problems persist, you can contact the central complaints management of TU Dortmund University. We will try to solve the questions and problems brought to our attention in the best possible way.

Students can contact the Complaints Management of the Faculty of Computer Science

  • who have complaints, suggestions, problems and questions regarding the organization of their studies by the Faculty of Computer Science,
  • who do not wish to contact their lecturers or whose complaint could not be resolved before them.

If you have any questions about your studies, please continue to contact the Faculty's Student Advisory Service.

Central Complaints Management

If you do not wish to contact the Faculty of Computer Science's Complaints Management or if you have complaints, problems, suggestions or questions about the general organization of studies at the entire university, you can also contact the central Complaints Management .

The Complaints Management of the Faculty of Computer Science forwards complaints, problems, suggestions and questions that cannot be dealt with, solved, implemented or answered by the faculty alone anonymously to the responsible persons in the other faculties and the administration.