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Exams / Certificates

Exam administration (Dec.4.3)

During a course of study, a large number of examinations have to be taken. The Bachelor's and Master's degree programs of the Department of Computer Science are supervised by Department 4.3 - Examination Administration, the specialist degree programs by Team 1 and the teacher training programs by Team 5. For example, the receipt of registrations and cancellations for examinations as well as notifications of illness by the examination board is delegated to the Examination Administration.

The Dean's Office for Computer Science is responsible for the examination administration for the courses of study in Computer Science leading to the first state examination for the teaching profession, see below.

Computer Science / Applied Computer Science (Bachelor, Master, Diploma)

Dagmar Schiller,

Phone: (+49)231 755-7889

Computer Science / Applied Computer Science (deputy for Bachelor, Master, Diploma)

Simon Folke,

Phone: (+49)231 755-4122

Tanja Heinrich,

Phone: (+49)231 755-2138

Computer Science (Bachelor, Master)

Wolf-Dieter Hohmann,

Phone: (+49)231 755-3723

Petra Wiemers,

Phone: (+49)231 755-7149


Central Examination Administration