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Department of Computer Science

Contact person from A to Z

What Group Name Phone
Alumni   Hans Decker 2208
Backup service computer science   IRB 2789/2758
Bulky waste   Dep. 6 4500/3325
Commissioner for Foreigners   Dr. Lars Hildebrand 6375
Counseling (self-management, learning, continuing education for students)   Sandra Lenz 6261
Contracts (WHK/SHK)   Martina Gentzer 2009
Department Council Prof. Prof. Dr. Botsch 6324
Department Council Wiss. Gerd Sokolies 2775
Department Council Niwis. Heike Rapp 6323
Department Council Students Radtke 2048
Diversity Commission   Luise Henkel 8181
Document destruction   Dep. 6 4500/3325
Doctoral admission   Martina Gentzer 2009
Doctoral Committee Prof. Prof. Dr. Gernot Fink 6151
Doctoral Committee Wiss. Dr. Oliver Rüthing 5807
Doctoral opening   Martina Gentzer 2009
Doctoral Scholarships   Prof. Dr. Gernot Fink 6151
Election Officer   Dr. Oliver Rüthing 5807
Electronic scrap   Ref. 7 3309/4212
E-mail service computer science   IRB 2789/2758
Equal Opportunity Commissionioner Wiss. Carolin Rehs 7725
Examination Administration   Dagmar Schiller 7889
Examination board (PA) Prof. Prof. Dr. Coja-Oghlan 6940
Examination board (PA) Wiss. Christian Hakert 6311
Gatekeeper     2212
Harassment   Luise Henkel 8181
Harassment   Martina Gentzer 2009
HAST(Budget and Structure) Prof. Prof. Dr. Buchholz 2121/4746
HAST (Budget and Structure) Wiss. Gerd Sokolies 2775
HAST (Budget and Structure) Students Peisker 2048
IRB     2789
International affairs   Raphael Fischer 5148
Janitor   Christian Schewe 5254
Master Access Committee(MZA) Prof. Prof. Dr. Botsch 6324
Master Access Committee (MZA) Wiss. Christian Hakert 6311
Pandemic Officer   Frank Thorsten Breuer 6494
Password reset Uni-Account   Service Desk 2444
PhD documents   Martina Gentzer 2009
Psychological study counseling     5050
Printing service computer science   IRB 2789/2758
QSL(Quality Assurance of Teaching) Prof. Prof. Dr. Thomas Schwentick 6341
QUEST (Quality Improvement Commission)   Prof. Dr. Erich Schubert 7876
QUEST (Quality Improvement Commission) Wiss. Marco Wilhelm 6520
Report card   Martina Gentzer 2009
Recognition of examination results      
Staff Council Wiss. Dr. Andreas Brink 4371
Staff Council Niwiss. Thomas Tölch 3435
Space Officer   Stefan Naujokat 7734
Sexual harassment   Luise Henkel 8181
Sexual harassment   Martina Gentzer 2009
Sick note (SHK/WHK)   Martina Gentzer 2009
Study Advisory Board (STBR) Prof. Prof. Dr. Jens Teubner 6481
Study Advisory Board (STBR) Wiss. Jan Mühlig 2405
Study Advisory Board (STBR) Students Bastian Korte 2048
Student Advisory Board   Frank Thorsten Breuer 6494/7517
Student council     2048
Studying without Abi (BBHSZVO)   Prof. Dr. Thomas Schwentick 6341
VPN access computer science   IRB 2789/2758
WIMI Speaker   Alexander Lochmann 6141
Women in Computer Science   N.N.