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Course Catalog of the TU Dortmund University

An overview of the courses offered in a semester is available online via the central information system on teaching and research at the TU Dortmund University(LSF):

The TU Dortmund University course catalog is no longer available in printed form.


Registration for lectures

Since the Corona pandemic, the course organizers expect you to register for lectures via the LSF. You can usually find out how to register for the associated exercises and, if applicable, practical courses by contacting the course organizers or on the course organizers' websites. Please also note the information in the short commentary, there you will also find information on possible other registration procedures.

(The pictures show registration deadlines from previous semesters. - Please do not let this confuse you).


Registration via LSF

If a lecture has a current registration deadline in the LSF, please register for the course by clicking on the link "Platzvergabe".

If a Moodle workroom is also indicated for the lecture, you will automatically be enrolled in the Moodle workroom as well within one to two hours.

Foto von LSF-Anmeldeportal © TU Dortmund
Foto von LSF-Anmeldeportal © TU Dortmund

Self-registration in Moodle

If a lecture does not have a current enrollment period in the LSF but a Moodle workroom is available, please click on the link "This course has a Moodle workroom". As a rule, self-enrollment in the Moodle workspace is possible.

Foto von Moodle-Anmeldeportal © TU Dortmund