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Financing the study


Through scholarships, scholarship providers support talented, committed and/or needy students in particular. Scholarships not only have the advantage that, in contrast to BAföG, they do not have to be paid back, but also offer idealistic support and make it possible to establish valuable contacts.

Information on scholarships can be found on the TU Dortmund University website:

Scholarship provider

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research offers a very comprehensive overview of scholarship providers:

Scholarship culture Ruhr

Are you studying in the Ruhr area or would you like to study in the region? Are you interested in sponsoring your studies with a scholarship? Then you have come to the right place. Scholarship Culture Ruhr bundles all relevant information, answers questions and provides practical tips. Because: The chance of getting financial support for studying in the Ruhr region is greater than you think!

Scholarships for computer science students

Scholarships that are awarded specifically for students of the Faculty of Computer Science are the Dortmunder-Modell Mittelstandsstipendien and the Deutschlandstipendium.


Through the Dortmunder-Modell-Mittelstandsstipendien, originally medium-sized IT companies in Dortmund took over the now abolished tuition fees for students of 500€ per semester. Since a few years not only the infomatics students of the TU Dortmund but also students of the FH Dortmund benefit from this scholarship program organized by the IT-Club Dortmund, which offers students a support of 1000€ per year and the chance of a paid internship.

Current information about the application (deadline usually end of February) can be found on the pages of the IT-Club:

Germany Scholarships

The Deutschlandstipendium supports talented and high-achieving students. In addition to the academic achievements and the previous career, social commitment, the willingness to take on responsibility or special social, family or personal circumstances should also be taken into account. Some scholarship providers have decided to support computer science students in particular.

As a scholarship recipient, you will benefit from the support of 300 euros per month and from contacts to the scholarship providers.

Current information also on the application (deadline usually mid-August to September) can be found on the pages of the TU Dortmund University:

Information from the Federal Ministry