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Computer Science

Requirements for computer science studies

Computer science has two sides: its methods and the application of these methods. Both sides have to be brought together in an appropriate way. The tasks in technology and business, in the natural sciences or the humanities must be analyzed, abstracted and finally realized in the form of a viable solution. This requires a good grasp of and interest in ever new practical problems, the ability to abstract, an interest in and understanding of formal methods (similar to mathematics), and the ability to plan and survey large systems and processes.

An indispensable prerequisite for the university first degree, which concludes with a bachelor's degree, is the general university entrance qualification (Abitur), while a good degree in a relevant bachelor's program is required for admission to the master's program.

Notwithstanding these formal aspects, good prerequisites for successful computer science studies are undoubtedly special school emphases, such as a major in mathematics or in natural science subjects.

In particular, however, enthusiasm for computer science is an essential condition for successful completion of the degree.