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Undergraduate seminars

The Department of Computer Science offers proseminars every semester. In December there is a central distribution for the following summer semester and in June the distribution of proseminar places for the following winter semester.

The registration for the proseminars in the winter semester 2023/24 will take place from 05.07 to 12.07(23:59). To participate, please fill out the following survey: https: //


Undergraduate seminars in winter semester 2023/24

Number Title Presentation course Organizer Website
PS1 Trustworthiness, Interpretability and Fairness in Machine Learning Trustworthiness, Interpretability and Fairness in Machine Learning internal Müller (LS9) Link
PS2 Algorithms for packing problems Algorithms for packing problems internal Buchin (LS11) Link
PS3 Advanced Algorithms for Competitive Programming Advanced Algorithms for Competitive Programming internal Calf (LS11) Link
PS4 Computer science meets mechanical engineering internal Return (LS14) Link
PS5 Blockchain and digital money Blockchain and crypto currencies internal Buchholz (LS4) Link
PS6 Pearls of functional programming Functional programming pearls internal Dudenhefner (LS14) Link
PS7 Ruby and Python - Comparison of two (script) programming languages Comparison between Ruby and Python external Pasternak (LS11) Link
PS8 Cryptography Cryptography external Coja-Oghlan (LS2) Link
PS9 Failsafe Routing Resilient Routing external Foerster (LS4) Link
PS10 Superstars of computer science Superstars of computer science external Harmeling (LS8) Link

Dates and deadlines

The Department of Computer Science offers undergraduate seminars (proseminars) each semester. Students are assigned to courses after an online registration with priority survey. The surveys usually take place

  • in the second half of June for the following winter semester,
  • in the second half of December for the following summer semester

and are announced under News on this website.


  • In case of problems regarding the registration, please contact the Proseminar Representative M. Sc. Simon Klüttermann at Proseminarcs.tu-dortmundde.
  • In case of questions concerning the contents and modalities of the respective proseminars, please contact the organizers.

Presentation course

  • A presentation course represents one of the two course credits of the module INF-BSc-110.
  • In some proseminars the presentation course is integrated (this should have been made clear by the organizer).
  • For other proseminars, an external event must be attended.
    • More information about the external event can be found in the LSF
    • The dates are usually not fixed until some time after the survey.
  • More details can be found in the module description (see below).

Student teachers according to LABG2009

Crediting of proseminars for seminars in the master's degree program for teachers according to the LAGB2009

(Resolution of the Examination Committee of 10.02.2016).

The course credit via the element "Proseminar" and the module exam of the module "Proseminar" of the bachelor study program Computer Science are credited as course credit uber the element "Seminar" or as module exam of the modules "Computer Science in Context and Seminar GyGe", "Hardware Internship and Seminar BK" or "Hardware Internship ET and Seminar BK". The course credit must have been acquired in the same course for which the module exam is taken.

Students of the master's degree in teaching according to the LAGB2009 participate in the registration procedure in the same way as students of the bachelor's degree in computer science.


Below you will find the relevant module descriptions: