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Fundamental studies

The Studium Fundamentale is an interdisciplinary study program in module form. Students of the Bachelor's program in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration usually take part in the Studium fundamentale in the third semester and students of the Master's program in Computer Science without a minor usually take part in the Studium fundamentale in the first semester.


Contents of the courses

The Studium Fundamentale aims to enable students to communicate with students and teachers of other subjects about their own subject, its methods and problems, and to see and classify their own subject in the context of others. In particular, courses are offered that present generally accessible aspects of a subject, are interdisciplinary in nature, or aim to increase reflection on one's own subject. It is intended to provide food for thought. Looking at other subjects counteracts one-sided professional specialization that is narrowed down to the world of work.

Further information can be found on the pages of the TU Dortmund University.


Events for students of the Department of Computer Science

Courses that are offered by other departments within the framework of the Studium Fundamentale according to the TU Dortmund University course catalog or LSF can be credited to the modules "Studium Fundamentale" in the Bachelor and Master programs. The examination form and modalities as well as the registration procedures depend on the specifications of the offering departments.

Courses offered by the Department of Computer Science for students of other faculties

Within the framework of the Studium Fundamentale, the Department of Computer Science offers courses for students of other departments. Current information about these courses can be found in the online course catalog LSF. If a course is offered as lecture and tutorial, usually both lecture and tutorial (usually together 5LP) have to be attended; the organizer decides about the possibility to acquire less line points with less effort.


Certification of attendance or examination results

Computer science students please use the forms for certificates of achievement provided by the administration. Upon submission of the certificates for at least five credit points, the examination administration records the Studium Fundamentale module as passed. There are no boundary conditions for the composition of the points, possible are e.g. 2LP+2LP+2LP, 2LP+3LP, 3LP+3LP, 5LP.


Decisions of the Examination Board for Computer Science

Language courses in the area of modern languages of the Center for Higher Education (areaForeign Languages) are recognized as part of the Fundamentale study program. Excluded are faculty-specific English courses, e.g. "WISO Module 6", "English for BCI", "Englishfor Architecture", "English for Spatial Planning" and "FFME Course". (Decision of the Examination Committee of 15.10.2012).

Note of the study coordinator: The certificates of successful participation in a language course must show a specific number of credit points. Grading is not necessary.


Forms for certificates of achievement