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Further courses

Fundamental studies

In the interdisciplinary Studium Fundamentale at TU Dortmund University, students study beyond the boundaries of their subject areas. This gives them food for thought and a deeper understanding of the problems, findings and solutions of their own discipline and other academic cultures. As a result, they not only broaden their educational horizons, but also acquire key skills that can only be taught to a limited extent as part of a specialist course. A look at other subjects counteracts extreme specialization and prepares students for their complex tasks in the world of life and work.

The Studium Fundamentale is an interdisciplinary course of study in module form. It comprises the attendance of courses designated for this purpose. These include

  • Courses that are specially designed for the Studium Fundamentale,
  • Courses that are designated by the departments as suitable for students from other departments,
  • interdisciplinary courses offered by your own department.

Students on the Bachelor's degree courses in Computer Science (with a minor in Economics) and the Master's degree course in Computer Science take part in the Studium Fundamentale. Students of bioengineering and chemical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology, information and communication technology, spatial planning, educational science and journalism also take part.

Participation in the program is mandatory for students of the degree programs involved in the Studium Fundamentale. Students who have not included the Studium Fundamentale in their curriculum may participate in individual parts of the program on a voluntary basis; in this case, they will be issued a certificate.