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Lamarr Institute

The cutting-edge research institute is shaping a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) that is powerful, sustainable, trustworthy and secure in helping to solve key challenges in business and society. TU Dortmund University, the University of Bonn, and the Fraunhofer Institutes for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS and for Material Flow and Logistics IML work together in the institute. The Lamarr Institute is one of five university AI competence centers nationwide that have received permanent funding since the summer as part of the German government's AI strategy.

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RC Trust

The Research Center represents an interdisciplinary approach to research that covers the full spectrum of research challenges in all facets of trusted and privacy-friendly technologies. Meaningful progress in these areas requires close collaboration among a variety of disciplines. Therefore, the Center builds on the strengths of the University Alliance Ruhr in the areas of Psychology & Social Sciences, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Science & Statistical Learning, and Cybersecurity & Privacy.

About the institute

SFB 876

"Availability of Information through Analysis under Resource Constraints".

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Katharina Morik, Department of Computer Science, TU Dortmund University

Funding: 2011-2022 by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

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