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Master computer science

Subject specializations in the master's degree program in computer science

General information on specializations

Master's program in Computer Science

The Master Examination Regulations for Computer Science allow you, if the supervisor of your Master Thesis supports it, to apply for a specialization. If you have passed modules of at least 30 credit points with reference to this focus, the subject focus will be indicated on your Master's certificate, see §§ 16, 21 u. 22 MPO Inf.

For some predefined specializations the examination board will facilitate your application:

  • Algorithmics
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Data Science
  • Logics, Information, and Knowledge
  • Optimization
  • Software and Service Engineering

For these specializations you have to acquire at least 30 credit points from a list of modules and have the supervisor of your master thesis and, if applicable, of seminars and a student research project confirm the relation to the specialization. Please contact the examination administration for both registration of your master thesis.

Master's program in Applied Computer Science

In the Master's program in Applied Computer Science it is not possible to apply for a specialization.


Decisions of the examination board and forms

The predefined areas of specialization have been decided by the Examination Committee for Computer Science. Please note that the application for the determination of a predefined or individual specialization is form-bound.