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Computer Science

Information Technology Location Dortmund

Welcome to the computer science location Dortmund - where tradition, innovation and a vibrant community await you!

The computer science location Dortmund is a center for technology and innovation that impresses with its long tradition and groundbreaking achievements. Dortmund can be proud of its role in introducing groundbreaking technologies:

One of the first data processing systems in the Federal Republic of Germany was installed here - a true milestone! As if that were not enough, Dortmund also became the birthplace of the world's first fully transistorized computing facility. Innovation and progress are part of everyday life here.

The Dortmund Technology Park is the heart of the city's thriving IT community. Originally founded as TechnologieZentrumDortmund, this hub now supports startups in IT and other technologies. The technology park is home to a proud 225 IT companies with 8,500 dedicated professionals. Here you can meet creative minds from the fields of software, telecommunications, multimedia and electronics. As a result, Dortmund has become one of the most successful technology parks in all of Germany and Europe. Exciting and future-oriented career opportunities open up here for students and graduates of computer science.

The Dortmund Technology Park benefits from its proximity to the renowned Technical University of Dortmund and the prestigious Department of Computer Science. This close connection allows IT companies to benefit from an optimal infrastructure tailored to their needs and to maintain a direct exchange with the academic world.

In addition, the Technology Park Dortmund is home to interesting research institutions such as the Informatik Centrum Dortmund e. V. (ICD), which emerged from the Faculty of Computer Science, and the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering (ISST). Innovative ideas and first-class research meet here, creating a dynamic environment that is inspiring for students.

With over 800 IT companies and more than 12,000 employees, computer science is a mainstay for the region's economic future. Here, students and graduates are offered attractive prospects in forward-looking companies. Computer science and information technology also play a central role in the "dortmund-project," a unique initiative in which the city, business and science work hand in hand. Alongside the up-and-coming fields of microtechnology (MST) and e-logistics, information technology is a leading industry in Dortmund that stands for dynamic career opportunities and exciting future prospects.

Drawing of the skyline of Dortmund on a white background. © ITMC​/​TU Dortmund