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Study support

Continuing education courses in the summer semester 2023

You would like to further your studies/professional training and expand your competencies? The Department of Computer Science supports you with various offers. Participation in the events is voluntary, free of charge and is certified with a certificate.

The following offers are aimed at computer science students of all semesters:

Short workshops

Well organized for exams

Getting the last university assignments done on time, already studying for exams, but then there are the hobbies, friends, maybe even the part-time job - especially during exam periods, time management is often in demand. In this short workshop, various techniques are tried out that help to organize yourself even better and to counteract your own misjudgements as well as time guzzlers.

Date: Tuesday, 04.07.2023.2023, 14-16 hrs.

Location: BigBlueButton (online workshop)

Information and registration: Well organized into the exams


More relaxed in the exam phase

In exam phases, various tasks often have to be managed at the same time. It is helpful to keep a cool head. In this short workshop, we will clarify how stress arises and try out practical techniques on how we can prevent stress.

Date: Wednesday, 05.07.2023, 14-16 hrs.

Location: BigBlueButton (online workshop).

Information and registration: More relaxed in the exam phase



Individual coaching for job/career planning

Individual coaching is a helpful offer to work concretely on your own strengths and skills. The offer starts with an agreement on the goal of the individual coaching and on how to proceed. For the coaching process, 3 to 5 meetings of 45 minutes each are often sufficient. The meetings can be arranged individually and take place online or on campus.

The individual coaching always has a specific reason or question. These can be, for example:

- What career goals match my strengths?

- What is particularly important to me professionally?

- Which skills would I like to develop further in my studies?

- How can my experiences during my studies help me in my professional planning?

Dates: by arrangement



Other continuing education courses (exam preparation, self-organization, scientific writing, LaTeX, etc.) are regularly updated here for computer science students: Moodle (self-enrollment)




Offers for computer science tutors

Leading of tutorial groups, internships, HelpDesk offers

The focus of the event is the exchange of experiences among tutors and the development of new strategies in the management of learning opportunities at the Faculty of Computer Science.

Dates: Tuesdays 18.04., 23.05., 20.06.2023, each 12-14 hrs.

Information & Registration: Advanced Module I for Tutors


Individual coaching for tutors

Working as a tutor offers various opportunities for personal and professional development. The individual coaching is an offer to use the practical experience as a tutor to work concretely on one's own strengths and abilities.

Dates: by arrangement

Information & Registration: Advanced Module II for Tutors