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Transfer from a bachelor's to a consecutive master's degree program

The TU Dortmund University has also made the transition from a Bachelor's to a Master's program much easier by offering a full-year enrollment in the Master's programs. Nevertheless, Bachelor students of the Department of Computer Science should follow the instructions concerning you when transferring to a consecutive Master program of the Faculty of Computer Science.

Master's programs in Computer Science and Applied Computer Science

A transfer to the Master's programs in Computer Science and Applied Computer Science is possible with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Applied Computer Science from the TU Dortmund University or a comparable degree in a comparable program of at least three years (six semesters). Whether another degree is relevant, i.e. whether it corresponds in content, scope and requirements to a Bachelor's degree in the study programs Computer Science or Applied Computer Science at TU Dortmund University, is decided by the Master's Admissions Committee Computer Science.

A prerequisite for enrollment in the Master's program is a Bachelor's grade better than 3.0.

A change to the Master's program is possible until 30.11. (for the winter semester) or 31.05. (for the summer semester) by submitting an application for a change of program to the Registrar's Office. At a later date, approval by the Master's Admissions Committee for Computer Science and Applied Computer Science is required. The approval is requested from the Master's Access Committee using the form "Appendix A to the Application also Change of Studies".

It is not possible to take module or partial performance examinations of the Master's programs if you are not yet enrolled in the Master's program. Course credits of the Master's modules can already be acquired before the transfer. These study credits are only valid for the semester in which the study credits were acquired. This regulation makes it possible to acquire course credits for the consecutive Master's program and to transfer in the current semester.

You cannot have examination credits that you have taken, e.g. as an additional qualification in the Bachelor's degree, recognized for the Master's degree.

Teacher training master's programs

Information on changing from a bachelor's to a master's degree program in teaching can be found on the website of the Dortmunder Kompetenzzentrum für Lehrerbildung und Lehr-/Lernforschung (DoKoLL). Please also note the information on the deadlines for the internship semester.

In the teacher training programs, it is not possible to acquire Master's program credits before transferring. Teacher training students with Computer Science as a subject can obtain information about this from the Computer Science Student Advisory Service.