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Data Structures, Algorithms and Programming 1 (DAP1)

The module Data Structures Algorithms and Programming 1 (DAP1) is recommended for all students of the bachelor programs Computer Science and Applied Computer Science as well as students of the subject Computer Science of the teaching bachelor programs in the first semester at the beginning of the winter semester. It consists of a lecture, an exercise and a practical course. Module descriptions, links to organistorical details of the course in the summer semester and information on how to register can be found in the following paragraphs.

Module Descriptions

In the module descriptions you will find information about the structure of the course (elements e.g. lecture, tutorial), the contents, the imparted competences, the participation requirements, study achievements (as a rule you have to complete a study achievement during the lecture period in order to be able to participate in the module examination).

Bachelor courses in Computer Science and Applied Computer Science

Subject Computer Science of the teaching bachelor programs

Links to the course

Registration for the lecture

If you have activated your UniAccount, please read further under "Login in LSF". If you have problems to activate your UniAccount, please read further under "Login without UniAccount". There is a separate registration for the exercises.

Registration in LSF

Go to the entry in the online course catalog LSF:

You will see this page (allerdongs with different dates and times):

LSF Ansicht mit DAP 1 © TU Dortmund

(Picture with deadlines from the winter semester 2020/21. Please do not get confused).

Follow the link "enroll/deregister now". After about one hour you will have access to the linked Moodle workspace. You will also find information on the course instructor's web pages as a hyperlink.

Logging in without UniAccount

Please try again to activate your UniAccount. If you enrolled at very short notice, your UniAccount may not be activated yet. Please use the following login script to inform the lecturer esp. of your e-mail address. Select the link DAP1. The lecturer can then send you the most important information.