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Recommendation for a minor in "Chemistry" on a case-by-case basis for the bachelor's degree program in computer science.

Subsidiary Regulations

Application to the examination board

For the minor subject Chemistry, the Faculty of Computer Science in consultation with the Faculty of Chemistry has compiled a reasonable study plan for Bachelor students. You may apply to the Examination Committee for Chemistry as a minor on a case-by-case basis by referring to this recommendation. You do not need to seek approval from another faculty.


In the minor subject "Chemistry", students of the bachelor program "Computer Science" acquire 20 credit points (LP).

Compulsory courses

The student acquires the credit points for the following elements of the modules from chemistry with a total of 20 credit points.

Module SWS LP
INF-BSc-NF-CHE-001: General and Inorganic Chemistry 1 4V+2TU 8
INF-BSc-NF-CHE-002: Inorganic Chemistry 2 4V+2TU 6
INF-BSc-NF-CHE-003: Organic Chemistry for minor students 3V+2TU 5
INF-BSc-NF-CHE-004: Practical Course Organic Chemistry for Minor Students 4P 3


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