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Subsidiary subject "Logistics" for the bachelor degree program in computer science

Regulations for the minor in logistics

Total scope of the modules

(1) The minor in logistics comprises modules with a total of 20 credit points (LP) in the bachelor's degree program.

Mandatory module

(2) The student acquires 5 credit points through the following module.

Module Module Examination ECTS points
Introduction to Logistics graded 5

Elective modules

(3) The student acquires 15 credit points through three of the following modules with a total of 15 credit points (LP).

Module Module Examination ECTS points
Fundamentals of Corporate Logistics and Supply Chain Management graded 5
Material Flow Systems I graded 5
Transport Logistics I graded 5
Traffic Logistics II graded 5
Packaging, Identification and Automation Technology graded 5
Warehouse Management Systems graded 5

Supplementary oral examinations

(4) The possibility of an oral supplementary examination according to § 12 para. 1 BPO Inf does not apply to examinations in the minor subject Logistics.

Examinations and Requirements for Participation

(5) Deadlines and procedures for registering for courses and examinations correspond to the deadlines and procedures applicable to students of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Logistics. The examination requirements correspond to the module handbooks of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Logistics.

Scope of Application

(6) These regulations apply to all students of the Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science at the Technische Universität Dortmund with a minor in Logistics.

(7) For students who have applied for the minor in Logistics in individual cases in accordance with the recommendations of 12.02.2014, the examination board can decide on transitional provisions.

Contact persons

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