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Recommendation for a minor in "music" for the bachelor's degree in computer science

Prerequisite for choosing a minor in music in the bachelor's degree program in computer science.

Prerequisite for the selection of the minor in music is the successful participation in an entrance interview (see note on the qualifying examination).

Application to the Examination Board Informatics

The application for a minor subject in individual cases is to be submitted to the Examination Committee Informatk for the attention of the Vice-Chairman. Confirmation of successful participation in an entrance interview, see prerequisite, must be submitted; otherwise, reference to the following recommendation is sufficient.

Recommendation of the Academic Advisor for Music for a minor in music on a case-by-case basis for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program.

The Student Advisory Service for Music recommends the following modules with a total of 20 credit points (LP) for a minor in music in individual cases for the bachelor's degree program in computer science.

Compulsory modules

Module / Elements / Examination

Module Examination


Module "Music Theory" (based on elements 2 and 3 of the module Elementary Music Theory (EMT), Module Handbook Subject Music Teacher Training Bachelor Degree Program Elementary School).


  1. Aural Training I and Harmony I (2Ü, 3LP).
  2. Aural Training II and Harmony II (2Ü, 3LP)

Module Exam:

  • Written exam

Credits: -none-


6 LP

Module "Formenlehre" (based on element 1 of the module "Musiktheorie Aufbaustufe (T2)", Modulhandbuch Fach Musik Lehramtsbachelorstudiengänge Gymnasien und Gesamtschulen und Berufskollegs)


  1. Form Theory (2S, 3LP).

Module Exam:

  • Written exam

Study achievements: -none

Prerequisites for participation: successfully completed: Module "Music Theory


3 LP

Module "Musicology" (identical with module "Musicology Basic Level (MWG)", Module Handbook Subject Music Bachelor's Degree Program in Elementary Schools).


  1. Music History I or Music History II (2V, 3LP)
  2. Introduction to systematic musicology (2S, 2LP)
  3. Proseminar in historical musicology (with scientific working techniques) (2Ü, 2LP)

Module Exam:

  • Written exam on Element 1 (Music History I or Music History II).

Course Credits:

  • Over Element 2: over Element 2: as announced, e.g., presentation, session management, writing exercise, etc.
  • on element 3: ungraded scientific paper (5 pages)


7 LP

Module "Practice" (based on elements 5 and 6 of the module "Instrumental and Vocal Practice Advanced Level (J2)", and element 3 of the module "Music Pedagogy Basic Level (P1)", Module Handbook Subject Music Bachelor's Degree Courses for Teachers at Secondary and Comprehensive Schools and Vocational Colleges).


  1. Events over 2LP from jazz-rock-pop practice, instrumental and vocal ensemble, choir, band (2SWS, 2LP).
  2. studio technique (2S, 2LP)

Module examination: -none-

Special requirements for module completion:

  • via element 1: as announced by the examiner
  • via Element 2: as announced by the examiner

Attendance requirements:

Please seek advice from the Music Student Advisory Service or during the selection interview as to which courses you meet the participation requirements for.


4 LP

Contact persons

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