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Minor subject "Philosophy" for the Master's program in Computer Science

Modules to be taken for the application subject and further regulations

Total scope of the modules

(1) The minor in philosophy comprises modules totaling 15 credit points (LP) in the master's program.

Compulsory modules

(2) The student acquires the credit points for each of the following modules from philosophy with a scope of 20 credit points.

Module LP
INF-MSc-NF-Phi-101 Classics in the History of Philosophy (NFPhilK-) 8 LP
INF-MSc-NF-Phi-102 Systematic Subfields of Philosophy (NFPhilS-) 7 LP

Examinations and requirements for participation

(3) Deadlines and procedures for registration for courses and examinations of the Faculty of Humanities and Theology correspond to the deadlines and procedures applicable to students of teacher training programs with philosophy as a subject. Registration for examinations is usually done with the examiners. The examination performances correspond to the module descriptions of the minor subject modules offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Theology.


(4) This regulation applies to all students of the Bachelor's program in Computer Science at the Technische Universität Dortmund with the minor subject Philosophy.


Contact persons

Student advisory service computer science


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