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Application Subject "Robotics" for the Bachelor's Degree in Applied Computer Science

Modules to be taken for the application subject and further regulations


The regulations for the Robotics application subject apply to all students. All modules that were selectable in the past are still selectable.

The regulations still require formal approval by the faculties of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and Physics. The regulations will be applied.

Overall scope of the modules

(1) The application subject Robotics comprises modules with a total of 36 credit points (LP) in the Bachelor's program.

Compulsory modules

(3) The student acquires the credit points for each of the following modules with a total scope of 36 credit points.


Module Examination


Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering


9 LP

Signals and Systems


9 LP

Physics A2


6 LP

Control Engineering


9 LP

Practical course Robotics

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology offers the module ETIT-110 "Mobile Robotics with ROS" in the summer semester 2022. The study coordinator has applied for the recognition of this module. Information about the module on the pages of the course organizer:


3 LP

Oral supplementary examinations

(8) The possibility of an oral supplementary examination according to §10 Abs.1 BPO AngInf does not apply to examinations for which the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is responsible.

Examinations and requirements for participation

(9) Deadlines and procedures for registration for courses and examinations of the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology correspond to the deadlines and procedures applicable to students of the Bachelor's degree programs in Physics and Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, respectively. Registration for examinations is usually done via the examination administration. The examination achievements correspond to the module manuals of the bachelor's degree programs in physics or electrical engineering and information technology.

Study achievements

(10) In deviation from §9 Para.4 BPO AngInf, coursework for which the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is responsible and which is a prerequisite for participation in module examinations must have been completed in the current or previous semester.


(11) This regulation applies to all students of the Bachelor's program Applied Computer Science at the Technische Universität Dortmund with the application subject Robotics.


Contact persons

Student advisory service computer science


Tel.: 0231-755-7517