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Minor subject "Statistics" for the bachelor degree program in computer science

Regulations for the minor in statistics

Total scope of the modules

(1) The minor in statistics comprises modules in the bachelor's program totaling 25.5 credit points (LP), of which 24 credit points are credited.

Omitted modules

(2) According to Appendix B BPO Inf, the module Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics with the amount of 4 credit points is omitted.

Compulsory modules Statistics

The student acquires the credit points for the following modules with a total of 25.5 credit points.

Module Module examination ECTS points
Descriptive Methods graded 4.5 LP
Elementary probability theory graded 9 LP
Estimation and Testing I graded 9 LP
R for Data Scientists graded 3 LP

Oral supplementary examinations

(4) The possibility of an oral supplementary examination according to §12 Abs.1 BPO Inf v. 28.08.2019 does not apply to examinations for which the Faculty of Statistics is responsible for students who started their studies after the summer semester 2011.

Scope of application, transitional regulations

(5) This regulation applies to all students of the Bachelor's program in Computer Science at the Technische Universität Dortmund with a minor in Statistics.

(6) Students who have chosen the minor in statistics before the winter semester 2019/20 acquire the 20 credit points through the following modules that are no longer offered, as well as 4 credit points through the module Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics.

Module Module examination ECTS points
Statistics I (Descriptive Statistics) graded 10 LP
Statistics III (Estimation and Testing)

For the module Probability and Mathematical Statistics (4 LP), the module Statistics II (Elementary Probability, 10 LP), which is no longer offered, can be credited if it has been passed. For the module Statistics I (Descriptive Statistics, 10 LP), which is no longer offered, the module Descriptive Methods (9 LP) of the Bachelor's program Statistics can be credited and for the module Statistics III (Estimating and Testing, 10 LP), which is no longer offered, the module Estimating and Testing (9 LP) can be credited.


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