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Technical focus

Specialized focus "Algorithmics

Contents of the technical focus "Algorithmics

Algorithms are responsible for the results of an Internet search. Algorithms determine how we get from one place to another quickly. Algorithms encrypt emails and ensure secure communication on the Internet. Algorithms allow us to extract the information we want from large amounts of data.

Algorithms work at the heart of all computer programs and are thus relevant to all subfields of computer science. If you choose the specialization "Algorithmics", you will be well prepared for many professional tasks in development, research and science.

Requirements for the specialization "Algorithmics

Master thesis

The supervisor of the Master's thesis must assign the thesis to the specialization.

You must acquire at least 30 credit points with the following modules:

Compulsory basic module

  • Algorithms and Data Structures

This compulsory module must be successfully completed.

Basic modules

  • Graphical Data Processing
  • Complexity theory
  • Pattern Recognition

Advanced modules

  • Algorithm Engineering
  • Algorithmic Bioinformatics
  • Algorithmic Game Theory
  • Selected Chapters of Algorithmics
  • Computational Omics
  • Graph Algorithms
  • Logic and Complexity
  • Modeling of Distributed Algorithms
  • Randomized Algorithms
  • Text Indexing
  • Distributed Basic Algorithms

Seminars and student research project

The supervisors of the seminars and the student research project have to assign the achievements to the subject focus, if seminars or student research project shall contribute to the 30 credit points. How many seminars you can take can be found in the examination regulations.