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Technical focus

Technical focus "Data Science

Contents of the technical focus "Data Science

Data Science is changing our daily lives as much as Gutenberg's letterpress printing. Whether we ask intelligent voice assistants on our smartphone for a child-friendly restaurant with free parking spaces, physicists search for the origin of our universe at the South Pole, journalists ask the Internet for a political fact check or vehicles drive themselves, there is always data behind it. In the collected data, data science algorithms recognize the structure of the world and add to their and our knowledge: Learning is the key to intelligence, in humans and machines.

... the sexiest job of the 21st century. (Harward Business Review)

If data is the gold of our time, then Data Scientists are the modern-day gold miners. But Data Scientists don't just find gold; they capture and manage the data, interpret the results, and communicate the knowledge they find. If you decide to major in "Data Science", you will be well prepared for many professional tasks in development, research and science.

Requirements for the specialization "Data Science

Master thesis

The supervisor of the master's thesis must assign the thesis to the subject specialization.

You must acquire at least 30 credit points with the following modules:

Basic modules

  • Architecture and implementation of database systems
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Practical Optimization
  • Knowledge discovery in databases


Advanced modules

  • Selected chapters of Computational Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Data Processing on Modern Hardware
  • Database Theory
  • Data Visualization
  • Graph Algorithms
  • Large-Scale Optimization
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Systems
  • Numerical Optimization
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models
  • Speech Recognition

Seminars and student research project

The supervisors of the seminars and the student research project have to assign the achievements to the subject focus, if seminars or student research project shall contribute to the 30 credit points. How many seminars you can take can be found in the examination regulations.