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Technical focus

Specialized focus "Software and Service Engineering

Contents of the professional focus "Software and Service Engineering

Today, software influences almost all personal areas of life and, in the context of the continuous digital transformation, also the business processes of companies. Increasing networking and mobility as well as new interaction possibilities with the environment significantly increase the complexity of modern software. The creation and also the complete life cycle of the software are becoming increasingly complicated, e.g. due to adaptations to rapidly changing requirements.

If you choose the professional focus "Software and Service Engineering", you will learn how to deal with the challenges of this growing complexity. The modules offered in the specialization provide both diverse, complementary, formal and methodological fundamentals as well as solutions to the exciting, practical questions of managing enterprise IT in theory and practice.

Requirements for the specialization "Software and Service Engineering

Master thesis

The supervisor of the Master's thesis must assign the thesis to the subject-specific focus.

You must acquire at least 30 credit points with the following modules:

Basic modules

  • Architecture and implementation of database systems
  • Methodical basics of software engineering
  • Virtualization and compilation

Advanced modules

  • Functional and rule-based programming
  • Software architectures
  • Component and service-oriented software design

  • Logical-algebraic system design
  • Logical Methods of Software Engineering
  • Virtualization and Compilation II: Aggressive Model Driven Design

Seminars and student research projects

The supervisors of the seminars and the student research project have to assign the achievements to the specialization if seminars or student research project are to contribute to the 30 credit points. How many seminars you can take can be found in the examination regulations.