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Mentoring SoSe 2023


There is a Moodle workspace for the mentoring program where all mentees are enrolled and information is provided.


During the first week of lectures, a so-called InfoDesk is offered, through which you can contact the mentoring team directly with questions. You can reach the InfoDesk on site in the mentoring office on the first floor of OH 14 (right) at the following times:

Mon, 03.04.23, 14-16 hrs.

Wed, 05.04.23, 14-16 hrs.

The consultations are offered hybrid, i.e. you can also ask your questions online at the indicated times. You can reach the InfoDesk with all common browsers, on desktop as well as on smartphone or tablet, via (see InfoDesk).

After calling up the page, first enter your name. After clicking on "Participate", you may have to wait a moment if there is a lot of traffic. After you have been activated, you can join the conference "With microphone". Allow any permission requests from your browser. Confirm with Yes in the following "Echo Test" if you can hear yourself. Afterwards you can ask us your questions.


Individual consultations

In the individual consultations you will be assigned a mentor from a higher semester. In regular meetings, which usually take place every three weeks, you can ask questions and receive feedback on your study progress. The registration takes place from 05.04.2023 from 10:00 am until 12.04.2023, 12:00 pm via the system AsSESS.

Here you can indicate priorities for time slots in which the regular talks will take place. At the end of the registration period, the priorities will be evaluated and you will be assigned a time slot. Your mentor will then contact you by e-mail shortly after the registration deadline and provide you with all details regarding the further course of the mentoring. Please make sure that you have also entered an e-mail address in AsSESS! The first counseling sessions will already take place in the third week of lectures. Please read your e-mails regularly so that you do not miss the first appointment. If you have any further questions, please contact the mentoring team by e-mail.


Overall meeting


Mon, 26.06.2023, from 12:15 p.m. (planned)

What is in the examination regulations?

Information about the Bachelor examination regulations and minor subjects.

General meeting, E.003, OH12


Mon, 03.07.2023, from 12:15 pm (planned)

Examination notes made easy

General Meeting, E.003, OH12



Information on other events such as workshops on exam preparation is available in the Mentoring Program Moodle.

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