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Project groups

Information on project groups starting in the summer semester 2023

Information on project groups starting in summer semester 2023

The following dates are scheduled for project groups beginning in the summer 2023 semester:

16.11.2022: PG application of the organizers
30.11.2022: Presentation of the PG applications to the advisory board
14.12.2022: Information event
15.12.2022 - 06.01.2023: Individual presentations of the PGs
14.12.2022 - 08.01.2023, 23:59: Registration period
from 16.01.2023: Announcement of participants
from 30.01.2023: first meetings of the project groups

General information

Information about the info session and registration will be announced in due time.

For further information, please refer to the established Moodle room "Project groups starting summer semester 2023".

This Moodle room is the central contact point for information regarding the project group procedure.



  • For questions regarding the registration and selection process, as well as technical problems with the online registration, please contact the responsible project group representative for this process.
  • For questions regarding the content and modalities of the individual project groups, please contact the respective organizers.


Offered project groups

PG655: Explainable AI - What's in the (Black-)box?


Prof. Dr. Gernot A. Fink, Computer Science XII, OH16, R.110 Dominik Koßmann , Computer Science XII, OH16, R.103 Arthur Matei , Computer Science XII, OH16, R.108


PG656: Gesture-based free kicks anticipating soccer robots.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Schwiegelshohn, Institute for Robotics Research, OH8, R.314 Arne Moos, Institute for Robotics Research, OH8 , R.303 Aaron Larisch , Institute for Robotics Research, OH8, R.311 Diana Kleingarn,Institute for Robotics Research, OH8, R.310


PG657: ANODI: Detection and interpretation of anomalies on time series.


Jelle Hüntelmann, Computer Science IX, OH14, R.308 Daniel Wilmes , Computer Science IX, OH14, R.315 Prof. Emmanuel Müller, Computer Science IX, OH14, R.313


PG658: We Must Construct Additonal Neurons: Deep Reinforcement Learning for StarCraft II


Gerrit Nolte, Computer Science V, OH14, R.106 Daniel Busch , Computer Science V, OH14, R.106 Prof. Dr. Bernhard Steffen, Computer Science V, OH14, R.102