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Fundamental studies

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

As a rule, you can take the Studium Fundamentale at any point during your studies. Most departments recommend participation from the 3rd semester onwards.

Students register for courses in the LSF under the heading "Studium Fundamentale" . If certain modalities apply to registration, this is usually noted under the description of the respective course.

You can always find the current course catalog (VVZ) in the LSF under Courses, Course Catalog and then on Studium Fundamentale.

Yes, this is generally possible. However, please wait to register for a second course until shortly before the end of the registration period so that all students can be guaranteed a place.

The purpose of the Studium Fundamentale is to get to know other subject cultures and to study beyond your own subject. For this reason, it is advisable to take courses at one or two "foreign" faculties that interest you.

This depends on the standards of the event leader. Active participation may, for example, be associated with a presentation, minutes, etc. You will usually be informed of the respective conditions during the first event.

This is regulated differently depending on the faculty and degree program. If your participation or completion of an examination is not reported directly to the central examination administration and entered in Boss, you will receive a certificate on the Studium Fundamentale module certificate. After completing the course or passing the examination, please bring the certificate to your course supervisor, who will sign the module certificate for you. You should then forward the completed module certificate to your examination office.

Exam registration is done via the procedure preferred by the respective lecturer.

You can download the module certificate in the Download section.

In almost all cases, a "pass" is sufficient.

If courses with examinations are offered, these are usually optional and not compulsory. You can therefore also choose two courses with examinations and then decide which one you want to take.

Once the lecturers have signed off the required work on the module certificate, they will forward the module certificate to your examination office. The CPs will then be "credited" to you there.